2015 Mid Atlantic Conference Presentations

Integrating Citizen Science into the Chesapeake Bay Program – Mathis, TANGO

Friday Breakout Session 1

Chesapeake Bay Volunteer Monitoring Network – Mathis.1A

How Agencies Use Volunteer Data 
Maryland’s Use of Data – Boward.1B
West Virginia’s Use of Data – Craddock.1B
Virginia’s Use of Data – Shiflet.1B
Volunteers in Fish and Wildlife Management – Bugas.1B

Trash and Marine Debris: Keep it Curbed
Waterwheel Powered Trash Interceptor – Appleby-Kellett
Trex Coorporation – Hicks.1C
Trash and Marine Debris Survey – Register.1C
Virginia’s Marine Debris Reduction Plan – KRegister.1C

Projects Spanning Across State Lines
Accomplishing Cross-Border Science Research in the Clinch and Powell Rivers – Beaty.1D
Overview of the Chesapeake Bay Program – Johnson.1D
The Role of ICPRB in the Development of Algae Monitoring Methodologies – Selckmann 1D

Effective Ways To Get Your Message Across
Training and Educating Digitally – Beckley.1E
Connecting Human Health to Water Quality – Calvert.1E
Tap Into Your Creative Side – Fleming.1E
Shenandoah River Water Window – Webb.1E

Friday Breakout Session 2

Volunteer Monitoring: The Next Generation
A Digital Application to Analyze Coliscan Easygel Results – Humphrey.2A
Suitable Habitat Survey for SAV in Mathews and Middlesex Counties – Kaylor.2A
Radical Radishes: Improving Urban Soil – Mecca,2A
A Study for Possible Acidification of Estuarine Water – Selph.2A.Acidification of CB
Moringa, The Miracle Tree – Shukla.2A

Quality Assurance/Quality Control of Volunteer Data
Components to Develop a Strong Quality Assurance Program – Beckley.2B
Quality Assurance Project Plans for Macroinvertabrate Monitoring – Miller.2B
Delaware: A model for the Chesapeake Bay Region – Muller.2B
Friends of the Shenandoah River QA Program – Andersen.2B

Volunteers Helping Localities Meet MS4 Goals
Utilizing Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring to Meet Local Program Objectives – French.2C
Reframing the Permit’s Ownership – McDonnell.2C
City of Richmond: An Example of Localities Working with Volunteers – Revene.2C

Habitat Restoration: Volunteer Examples
Flip This Swamp! – Beckley.2D
The Habitat Partners Program – Crall.2D
Habitat Restoration and Volunteer Opportunities for Living Shorelines – Karen Duhring.2D

Volunteer Monitoring Success Stories
Citizen Science Bacteria Monitoring – Dunckel.2E
Developing a Volunteer Gas Shale Monitoring Program – Dunlap.Tyner.2E
Smith Mountain Lake Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Program – Thomas Pohlad.2E

Saturday Breakout Session 1

Lab B: Macroinvertabrate Field Identification – Miller.1Lab B
Lab C: Uploading and Using STORET – Shumway
Classroom A: Effective Communication of Data to the Public Dawes.1ClassroomA

Saturday Breakout Session 2

Lab A: Quality Assurance/Study Design Workshop – Beckley.4Lab Muller.LabA
Lab B: Gas Shale Monitoring Workshop – Sparacino.PresentatioHands On ActivityMeter Directions